Communication with your
has never been easier

Connect With
Your People

  • Send out service reminders, last-minute schedule changes, emergency alerts, etc.
  • Personalize each message using custom fields such as [first name] or [full name].
  • Engage with incoming messages and two-way conversations using your inbox directly inside your account.

Connect With First-
Time Guests

  • Step

    Text A Keyword

    Guests text in a unique Keyword on Sunday mornings. Think of this as another option besides your paper connect card.

    Try it out: text JOIN to 94000

  • Step

    Receive Follow-Up Messages

    After guests text your Keyword, they can fill out a short digital connect card and receive automated follow-up messages over the next few weeks, encouraging them to visit again and get plugged into your community.

  • Step

    Sync With Your Apps

    New visitors who text in can then be automatically synced with Planning Center, Mailchimp, or other tools you use. No need to manually enter guest info on Monday mornings anymore.

Integrate With The Tools You Already Use

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Planning Center

Streamline your workflow by automatically syncing any Planning Center People List into Clearstream, and automatically add new text subscribers into Planning Center People.

White Rock RMS logo

Rock RMS

Automatically sync any Rock RMS Lists with Clearstream to connect with your people faster. Synced Lists update on a 24-hour basis to ensure they are always accurate. You can also download the Clearstream SMS Transport plugin in the RockShop and use Clearstream directly within your Rock installation.

CCB white logo

Church Community Builder

Reach your people faster by automatically syncing any Church Community Builder Group with Clearstream. Synced Groups update every 24 hours ensuring they are always accurate.

Mail Chimp logo


Automatically sync your Clearstream contacts with Mailchimp to setup automated workflows for sending welcome texts and emails to first-time guests.

Slack logo


Never miss a text with our Slack integration. Receive, view, and respond to your Clearstream inbox messages directly within your Slack account.

Zapier Logo


Integrate your Clearstream account with other 3rd party apps you use. Think of Zapier as the middleman. Thousands of apps can be connected through Zapier.



Use our REST API to integrate your own application or third-party tools with your Clearstream account.

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Clearstream in Dark Mode

Smart Keywords

Allow guests and members to all use the same Keyword regardless of the info they need or which campus they attend, using this collection of features. Use conditions and menus to create one Keyword for everyone, but route each person to a different endpoint (unique information, links, Workflows, Subaccounts).

Learn about Smart Keywords —>

Manage Multiple
Ministries & Campuses

  • Subaccounts allow you to easily create and manage separate secondary accounts within your main account. Switch back and forth between accounts without the inconvenience of logging in and out.
  • Distribute specific Message Credits, Keywords, and User access to each Subaccount.
  • All of this and more on one monthly plan.


  • See real-time reports for delivery rates, incoming replies, and opt-outs inside an easy-to-read graph.
  • Whether texting a message to 10 or 10k people, we supply you with live second-by-second metrics. We don’t hide message delivery rates either – if something is wrong, we show you and help solve the problem.
  • Receive Weekly emailed and printable reports showing key metrics and how your account is performing.
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Manage On The Go

Instant communication with your people should be painless. For last-minute event changes, security alerts, Sunday morning announcements, or volunteer scheduling – there’s a native app for that.

Better Church Communication Starts Here

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