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Live Polls

Polls make it easy to survey your church, ask a question, or receive feedback using texting. People can text in their response and you can display live results on screen as they come in.

Ask attendees how often they attend your church, get sermon feedback, collect opinions on sanctuary carpet colors, or quiz your youth group in Bible trivia.


How do I present poll results on screen?

You can display real-time results on screen as people actively respond to your poll. Show live results directly from our platform or use the poll’s URL in a web browser or in ProPresenter.

Can I send a poll in a mass text message?

Yes. When creating a new message, send a poll to any list in your Clearstream account. You can also sync a list from Planning Center, Rock RMS, or CCB/Pushpay and send a poll to them.

Can I trigger a poll from a text-to-join keyword?

Yes. Your members and guests can text a keyword to receive the poll question, and then text back a number to submit a response. After they respond, you can optionally send an automated text where they can view the results on their phone.

How many options/answers can I have with a question?

A poll can have up to ten options. That being said, in most cases we recommend using 2-5.

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