Seamlessly sync your Pushpay/CCB and Clearstream data with our integration. Send texts to Groups, create new person profiles, add people who text in through Clearstream to Process Queues, and more.

This integration is free to use on any Clearstream plan.

Customer Review

"We've used just about every texting service that integrates with CCB... this one hands down has been the best."

Journey Church

Integrate with CCB

Church Community Builder, also known as Pushpay, is an online giving and church management software. And Clearstream's in-depth, two-way integration with CCB/Pushpay lets you text Groups, create new person profiles, add people to Groups or Process Queues, and automatically retrieve profile data from CCB/Pushpay when people text in.

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Text your Groups

You can easily sync your Groups into Clearstream and text them from within Clearstream. Your Groups automatically sync each morning, so any changes made in CCB/Pushpay will be reflected in Clearstream.

CCB Syncing Picture

Create new profiles when someone uses a keyword

When guests text a keyword or enter an automated workflow, you can automatically reply with a digital connect card. That information is pushed to CCB/Pushpay and a new profile is created in your database, and optionally pushed to a CCB/Pushpay Group or Process Queue. You can also sync Saved CCB Searches. And if the phone number already exists in CCB/Pushpay, we won't create a new person, so you won't have to worry about duplicates!

Someone texts in the keyword "Baptism" and auto-receives a digital connect card. That information is pushed to CCB and a Summer Baptism workflow

Retrieve profile data from CCB/Pushpay

When someone new texts in to your Clearstream account, we'll automatically search for a matching profile in CCB/Pushpay based on their phone number. If a match is found, we'll instantly sync their profile data into Clearstream.

Keri already exists inside of CCB, so Clearstream syncs information back to Clearstream

Customer Review

"We used another texting service that also linked with CCB Database. This is SOOOOOOO much better. Can't say enough. Love the ease of use and the data afterwards."

Adventist Community Church

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We automatically scrub opt-outs. People are only opted back in if they choose to text a keyword or fill out a signup form.

No. They will be removed from the list in Clearstream, but stay in the Group in Church Community Builder. This means that your synced list in Clearstream may be smaller than the Group in your Church Community Builder account.

When Church Community Builder syncs with Clearstream each night, it will change all names to how they're listed in CCB. We treat CCB as the ultimate source of truth for your data, so if you want to change the name or number of a CCB contact, you will have to make that change in CCB rather than in Clearstream.

Here’s how we prioritize which phone number field to pull from:

  • Mobile field

  • Home field

  • Work field.

Even if the Home or Work field is marked primary, we’ll still pull from the Mobile field first. If someone has multiple mobile numbers listed, we’ll pull the first one listed unless one is marked primary, in which case we’ll pull the primary number. If the number is listed under Fax, Pager, Skype, or Other it will not be synced into Clearstream.

No need to wait! Use the "Run Sync Now" button in Clearstream to update your Groups immediately.

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