Unlimited Account Users

Have as many users as you want in each account you have. In other words, no need to share your same login information with the entire staff — everyone gets their own. You can also set permission levels for each account you give access to.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a user replies to a message from the inbox, their avatar and name will show in the conversation thread.

Yes! You can assign users to each subaccount from within that subaccount. Just toggle to the account you want to invite someone to, head to settings, then users, and hit invite.

Admin or Editor:

  • Admins can do almost everything an owner can aside from create subaccounts. Admins only have access to the specific subaccounts they’ve been invited to and they can invite users, edit integrations and also edit billing if they have access to the master account.

  • Editors have access to all the core features in your account. An Editor can create and send messages, view incoming messages, and create/edit keywords.

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