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Central User Management

When using subaccounts for different ministries or campuses, you need an easy way to invite and manage account users. That’s why Central User Management exists - to make inviting, managing, and removing users as simple as possible. And do it all from one place.


Where can I view and manage all account users, including subaccount users?

If you’re the Owner, you can view and manage all account users from the Users page in your master account.

Can I manage a user’s access to multiple accounts?

Yes! You can send new user invites, remove users from accounts, and edit user roles.

What if I’m not an Owner in the main account?

If you’re an Editor in a subaccount, you’ll see all other users in that subaccount, but you won’t have access to change or edit. If you’re an Admin, you’ll have editing permissions within that subaccount.

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