Clearstream vs Text In Church

On the surface, Clearstream and Text In Church are pretty similar. Send mass texts to your church and create automated workflows for following up with guests. As you dig deeper, you'll quickly see what sets Clearstream apart from Text In Church. Along with the product, our customer support and pricing are unmatched.

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New plants to many of the largest and most influential churches in the U.S. rely on Clearstream as their texting service.

Features Compared

Clearstream Text In Church



A2P registration


Timeline ~ 2 days


Timeline ~ 10 days

Planning Center Add-on


5-digit short codes


Custom-branded link shortener


Custom reports


In-app video recorder


Customer support


2 min response time & Zoom calls


Live polls


Save as draft


Recurring messages




Plan my visit


Pricing Compared

Clearstream Text In Church

1,500 credits


$67/mo (+91%)

2,500 credits


$97/mo (+98%)

10,000 credits


$197/mo (+19%)

17,500 credits


$337/mo (+22%)

25,000 credits


$447/mo (+21%)

100,000 credits


$1547/mo (+14%)

Customer Review

"I've used two other texting platforms, and Clearstream is hands down the best in every category. Usability, useful updates, clean and modern look, functionality, 3rd party integrations, pricing, tech support."

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Our product roadmap is built on the feedback we hear from customers. And our team is always pushing new updates. Here are a few features unique to Clearstream:

  • Subaccounts - Separate texting accounts underneath your main account, complete with its own inbox, users, integrations, keywords, etc. A subaccount is useful for ministries or departments that do a lot of texting on their own - i.e. youth, kids, and prayer.

  • Text Menus - Let people text a keyword or enter a workflow and receive a list of options to choose from. Once they respond, they're sent a unique set of texts.

  • Notes - Make it possible to share long-form content in your text. Think of a Google Doc but with your own subdomain URL.

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We have deep, two-way integrations with Planning CenterRock RMS, and CCB/Pushpay. We sweat the details and are painstakingly thorough in our testing. Setup is simple, no duplicate profiles, and things work like you’d think they would.

🎉 New in 2024 — The Clearstream Add-On in Planning Center. Text using Clearstream without leaving Planning Center!

Ker's information is pushed to Planning Center, Rock RMS, or CCB/Pushpay

Guest Follow-Up

With our recent launch of email, you can tackle guest follow-up with texting and email. Use a digital connect card and automated workflows with conditional branches. Filter and sort guests with tags, and create new profiles in your ChMS.

Guest Follow-Up


Our pricing is easy to understand and more affordable than almost all of our competitors. We have never raised our prices, and we’ve even decreased them!

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Our team is extremely knowledgeable and insanely fast. Live chat, email, phone calls, and Zoom calls are included in every plan. We’re available 7 days a week, year-round, and during normal business hours our response time is usually less than 3 minutes. Hit the live chat to try it out. 

Screenshot of chat bubble when talking to support

Short Codes

Clearstream is a vetted Premier Partner with the Short Code Registry, the registrar for all U.S. short codes. Short codes are the single-best option for mass texting, and ours average around 300 messages per second. If you need a short code, Clearstream is a no-brainer.

Dedicated shortcode icon with platform icons surrounding it

Registered A2P Numbers

We're experts in the ever-shifting nature of the texting industry. All your Clearstream numbers are A2P-registered at no cost to you, and your number is registered at the highest vetting possible. This significantly increases your message throughput and deliverability and helps mitigate carrier filtering.

Platform view of a mass text and the number its sending from


View real-time, filterable, transparent metrics. See how fast your messages are sending, replies, opt outs, and we even show you message failures (yes failures happen, and we don’t hide that data). Get a weekly report every Monday morning and pull custom reports at any time to view granular data in a CSV file.

Metrics graph with Imports, Longcodes, Integrations, and Forms stats

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Moving existing numbers from Text In Church to Clearstream is easy. Just reach out to our support team, and we'll walk you through it.

Yes. You can import your contacts using a CSV file, or you can sync contacts from your church management software.

Yes. Our support team can answer any questions you have, and walk you through migrating to Clearstream. You can reach us through live chat, or schedule a Zoom call with us.

Yes we do. You can easily manage your Clearstream account on-the-go using our native iOS and Android apps.

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