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The inbox is the place where you and your team can reply to incoming messages and questions. One-on-one conversations happen here.

If multiple users are using the inbox, you can see who is handling each conversation. Instant search makes finding specific or archived conversations easy. If some ministries need their own inbox, you can have separate inboxes for each department. For on-the-go moments, manage your inbox using our native iOS/Android apps.


What if someone responds to a message and I don’t have their information?

If someone doesn’t have a name or email attached to their number, update their profile from the inbox.

If I have multiple users in my account, how will I know which user is responding?

When a user replies to a message from the inbox, their avatar and name will show in the conversation thread.

How do I quickly view a persons profile?

Profile information shows at the top of each conversation thread. You can also view and edit additional information from the top of the thread, like which lists someone is in.

Can I manage inbox conversations from the iOS/Android App?

Yes! Send and receive messages, and enable push notifications to let you know anytime someone texts in.

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