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A signup form makes it possible for people to join a texting list from your website. It’s like subscribing to a newsletter online, but for texting. Automatically add people to a specific list or let them choose which ones they want to join. Embed as an iFrame, HTML to look like your website, or use a hosted URL. Want to use your own lists and trigger text opt-ins? Check out our Zapier integration, or our API documentation


Do signup forms send auto-response texts?

Yes! People can also reply to any message they receive from a form’s auto-response.

I use Planning Center Forms, Typeform, Google Forms, or another form builder. How do I integrate it with Clearstream?

Zapier. Essentially, Zapier acts as the middleman between Clearstream and the form builders you use. Every Zap includes a Trigger, then an action to follow. You can use your third-party form as the Trigger, and there are three actions to choose from: Create/Update Subscriber, Send Text to List, and Send Text to Number. This means every time a person fills out your form (ie. they initiate the trigger), you can update their information in Clearstream, add them to a list in your Clearstream account, or send them a text.

Does a signup form have a double opt-in?

Yes! When someone fills out your form online, they'll receive an auto-response message asking for a yes opt-in. Once they text back "yes," they're immediately added to your texting list.

How can I embed a form on my site?

  • Embed as HTML: Copy and paste the code into your website's content editor. By default, the form will fill the width of the container it's in. You can also make any inline styling changes you want.

  • Embed as Iframe: This option lets you have the entire opt-in form within it's own frame. You can edit the max container width and height from within your form settings.

  • Hosted: Use a URL that is hosted by Clearstream. Simply copy and paste the URL. This is useful if you want to point people to your form from 3rd party websites, like social media.

How many lists can I have tied to a form?

As many as you want!

What information can I ask for on a form?

First name, last name, email, and phone number.

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