Use Slack for your internal church comms? Ya, we do too. With this integration, you can Receive Slack notifications for incoming Clearstream texts, Respond to texts in Slack, and even archive Clearstream text threads without leaving Slack.

This integration is free to use with any Clearstream plan.

Integrate with Slack

Slack is an all-purpose communication platform designed for the workplace. And Clearstream's integration brings your Slack messages and your Clearstream texts together. Receive, view, and respond to incoming texts from within a specific channel in your Slack account.

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Receive Slack notifications for incoming texts

When someone texts in to your Clearstream account, you'll receive a notification in the Slack channel of your choice. The notification includes the subscriber's name, number, and the text itself. You can also choose to use Slack threads so ongoing conversations stay organized.

Slack Logo with a Notification

Respond to texts in Slack

Respond to any incoming texts within your Slack channel, just like you would from your Clearstream inbox. Any replies you send from Slack will automatically show in your Clearstream inbox, and if someone responds in your Clearstream inbox, it will also show up in Slack.

Screenshot of replying to a text inside of Slack

View message context

Every Slack notification has a "View Context" button that will show the full context for any incoming text. You can quickly see recent text history for a number to help you respond appropriately — without leaving Slack.

Screenshot of text thread in Slack

Archive threads

When you've finished a conversation, archive the thread from inside your Slack channel. The conversation will also archive in your Clearstream inbox.

Screenshot of text inside of Slack

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