Workflow Branches

Branches are a catch-all way for everyone to text the same keyword or enter the same workflow but receive different messages, join different lists, enter other workflows, or transfer to other subaccounts. If a person meets the criteria for a branch, they’ll enter a separate path. If they don’t, they’ll stay on the workflow's main path. 

A branch can also include more than one condition. For example, someone enters a branch if they’re missing both first name and last name. Or you can add an alternate set of conditions. In this case, if someone meets either condition, they’ll enter the branch. Listed below are some common use cases of branches.

Send an alternate auto-response when keyword is used again

Send a different auto-response each time a keyword is used. This is great for promoting giveaways or collecting registration information. You can also use this during visitor follow-up to make sure guests aren't getting the same info twice.

Clearstream auto-replies with two different texts when someone texts the keyword "coffee" twice

Collect name and email only when necessary

If you don’t have someone's first or last name, or email address, add a branch to send a digital connect card. A common use-case is guest follow-up, but you can also use it for small group registrations, volunteer recruitment, or next steps classes.

Missing branch is used when someone texts in without first name info. Auto-response includes a digital connect card

Route people based on their campus

This option is great for funneling people to different campus subaccounts or sending campus-specific information. You can route people to different subaccounts or send targeted texts based on People IDs or Campus IDs in Planning Center or Rock RMS.

Clearstream branches someone to downtown campus and auto-sends a thank you text

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