Automated Workflows

A workflow lets you schedule a series of texts over time. You can also use menus and conditional branches to design unique experiences based on user interaction and data. It manages grunt work for you.

Trigger an automated workflow from a text-to-join keyword, signup form, or list. There's no shortage of what you can automate: visitor follow-up, daily devotionals, prayer campaigns, etc.

Schedule follow-up texts

When someone is added to a workflow, they receive a series of texts on a set schedule over a period of minutes, hours, days, or weeks. You can specify the exact time and/or day of the week for each text, and you can see how many people are waiting at each workflow step.

Screenshot of texts that send a week from one another

Trigger workflows automatically

When someone uses a keyword, add them to a workflow automatically to receive follow-up texts.

Workflows can be tied to lists, so if someone joins a list (e.g. from a signup form) they'll be added to a workflow.

Automated Workflows Artwork

Create conditional texts with branches

Within your workflow, send targeted texts, add people to different lists, and transfer people to other workflows or subaccounts based on conditions such as 'missing name' or 'primary campus'.

Clearstream auto-replies with a digital connect card when someone texts a keyword and doesn't have a first name

Give people a choice with workflow menus

Within your workflow, send a menu of options. When someone responds with a selection, you can send a follow-up text, add them to a list, or transfer them to a different subaccount or workflow.

Someone texts the keyword "connect" and receives a text menu. They choose 4. Spanish and receive an auto-reply in Spanish

Link multiple workflows together

People can move from one workflow to another. For example, someone texts a guest keyword on Sunday and receives a series of auto-responses welcoming them. They could then be transferred to a first-time guest workflow with weekly follow-up texts.

Someone texts the keyword "guest" and is automatically added to a New Guests workflow, sent a connect card, and then added to a Guest workflow

Transfer people to a subaccount

If you use subaccounts to separate ministries, it may be helpful to have someone join a list in your main account (e.g. a first-time guest list) and then transfer them to a subaccount (e.g. for a specific campus) for follow-up.

Transfer to Subaccount Artwork

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