Digital Connect Card

A digital connect card gathers contact information — perfect for visitors or event registrations. Guests can text a keyword to get the form on their phone, or you can send it in a workflow. Once it’s filled out, the info is linked to their Clearstream profile, and can even sync into your church management software.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re integrated with Planning Center, Rock RMS, CCB/PushPay. Here’s how it works when someone fills out the digital connect card in Clearstream:

  • Planning Center - auto-create a new Person and optionally add them to a Planning Center Workflow.

  • Rock RMS - auto-create a new Person and optionally add them to a Rock Group, Communication List, and/or Rock Workflow.

  • CCB/PushPay - auto-create a new Profile and optionally add them to a CCB group and/or Process Queue.

We check data duplication through the phone number associated with a profile. We look up the phone number in real time to see if it already exists in Clearstream. If it does, we won’t create a new person, but update profile data to the most recent changes. If you’re integrated with a ChMS, we consider that database as the source of truth. Anything you update in Clearstream will ultimately revert back to reflect your ChMS.

You can collect first name, last name, and email.

Yep. We recommend creating a list containing all unknown numbers and tying it to an automated workflow. Within your workflow, add a Collect Name & Email step that automatically sends the form. 

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