Native iOS & Android Apps

With the mobile app you can send and reply to messages, receive push notifications, schedule future reminders, and toggle between subaccounts. Also view keyword workflow steps when you can’t remember what your workflow does.

The app is great for any on-the-go communication. Download it here: iOS | Android

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Send and receive messages, and enable push notifications to let you know anytime someone texts in. 

  • Your dashboard gives a detailed overview of your most recent activity. Quickly check your overall account growth and filter your metrics to view a specific day, week, or month.

  • Track how many people are subscribing to your texts, replying with questions, and using your keywords.

  • See how many people texted in. View all keywords or toggle to a particular keyword.

No. You’ll need to login to Clearstream from a browser to change your plan. 

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