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Send a quick update to your staff, or craft a beautiful customized newsletter. Add your church logo, images, links, colors, fonts, and more. And best of all, it's free. Unlimited emailing is included in all Clearstream plans.

Customize your email

The body of the email can be as simple or as polished as you'd like. Sometimes, you may need to send your staff a quick, two-sentence email. Other times, you may want a beautiful newsletter with pictures, columns, and buttons. Choose colors, add your church logo, and link your social media accounts.

Customize your emails

Save as a template

Templates are a great way to save time and keep your messaging consistent. They’re shared across your account, making them easily accessible for all users. Because who wants to start from scratch every time?

Save Email Templates

Send now or schedule

Once you finish creating your email, just select your subscriber list and choose when you want to send it. It's that easy. You can also choose which email address you want incoming replies sent to.

Send now or schedule


How much does email cost?

Emails are on the house. Unlimited emailing is included in every plan, and they won't use any credits.

Which email metrics can I view?

Check out all the data on the Messages page - date and time sent, recipient count, failed count, open rates, and link clicks.

Can I reply to an email in Clearstream?

Incoming emails won't go to your Clearstream inbox. All email replies will go to the email sender you choose when creating your email.

Can I add attachments to an email?

You can include hyperlinks, buttons, and pictures in your emails, but you cannot “attach” attachments…yet.

Can I send an email in a workflow?

Not yet, but it is on our road map! Stay tuned for updates by visiting our Changelog.

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