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Text your entire church

Text your entire church

Shift to one-on-one conversations

  • Respond to incoming texts from your inbox, where one-on-one conversations happen with your people. 

  • Let your team manage separate conversations in your shared inbox. Or use subaccounts to give other ministries or campuses their own separate inboxes and numbers.

An inbox preview. Someone has texted in to ask what time the service begins next week, and a Clearstream user has replied '10:30am!'

Start video texting

  • Record and send videos in Clearstream. Film a welcome for first-time guests, an encouraging devotional, or weekly announcements from the pastor.

  • Record in portrait or landscape mode, upload previously recorded videos, and save them in a video library.

A mass text saying 'Hey church! We've got some exciting annoucements' with a video of a friendly, smiling young woman attached.

Follow up with visitors

A preview of a guest workflow, with a digital connect card, syncing a new user to Planning Center

Create text-to-join keywords

  • Create keywords for different use cases or ministries with a 10-digit number or dedicated short code.

  • Or, use a single keyword for your entire church with keyword menus. Give people the option of what information they'd like based on a menu. Each menu choice can then trigger it's own text auto-response or automated workflow.

A keyword workflow, with a menu for 1.) New 2.) Volunteer 3.) Giving 4.) Prayer.

Engage with live polls

  • Actively involve your church with a live poll. Results can be shown in real time, on screen as people respond.

  • Display a call-to-action during service and encourage people to participate in your poll through a keyword. Or just send your poll through a mass text.

A poll asking 'Which book of the Bible should we study?

Segment with subaccounts

  • Set up multiple accounts under your main Clearstream account for different ministries or campuses, and manage their credit usage from within your master account.

  • Each subaccount has their own users, inbox, local 10-digit number, lists, and integrations.

A menu dropdown with subaccounts for 'Volunteers', 'Youth Group' and 'Outreach' under the main account.

Use our native, user-friendly mobile apps

  • Send out last minute reminders, get push notifications for incoming texts and keywords, and manage your inbox with our native iOS and Android apps. 

  • Our mobile apps are perfect for managing your text communication on a Sunday morning or while distracted at dinner. You would never...

The Clearstream iOS app on an iPhone
Powerful Integrations

Clearstream integrates seamlessly with the tools your church uses

Planning Center

Send texts to your People lists, create new profiles in People, add people to your Planning Center Workflows, and more.
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Rock RMS

Use Clearstream’s Rock RMS plugin to send texts without leaving Rock. Sync Rock Groups and Communication Lists into Clearstream, create new people in Rock, and more.
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Send texts to Groups, create new person profiles, add people to Process Queues, and more.
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Sync your Breeze tags into Clearstream, and automatically find contact info in Breeze when someone texts in.
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View and respond to your Clearstream inbox messages from within a specific channel in your Slack account.
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Sync email addresses from Clearstream to your Mailchimp list.
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Connect Clearstream to virtually any other app you use and automate tasks with our Zapier integration. No coding required.
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Enable text giving with Simple through your Clearstream phone numbers.
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Build your own custom integration with Clearstream using our API and webhooks.
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