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Subaccounts let you easily divide ministries or campuses into separate accounts under your main umbrella account, but with one monthly plan. Each subaccount comes with its own lists, integrations, keywords, users, local 10-digit number, and inbox. Give leaders access to only certain subaccounts. Allocate monthly credits to each subaccount to monitor and limit usage.

Separate inbox

Each subaccount comes with its own inbox. Different ministries, teams, or campuses can have one-on-one conversations with their own people. There's no shared space or cross-channel text threads.

Platform view of subaccount drop-down menu and inbox

Separate lists

Each subaccount comes with its own lists. Ministries, teams, or campuses can store their own subscribers and text them with ministry-specific information.

You can even sync only certain lists from your ChMS into a subaccount.

Screenshot of different lists inside Women's Ministry account

Separate integrations

Each subaccount comes with integrations to Planning Center, Rock RMS, CCB/Pushpay, Mailchimp, Slack, Simple Donation, Facebook, and Twitter. Each account also has access to signup forms, our API, and Zapier.

Separate integrations

Separate number

Each subaccount comes with its own A2P 10DLC number, which gives people direct access to that ministry, team, or campus. Every A2P 10DLC number comes with unlimited keywords.

Screenshot of prayer ministry number and auto-response

Separate users

Each subaccount comes with its own users. Designate your ministry-specific leaders and teams to certain subaccounts only. Have as many users as you want in each account. 

Screenshot of different users and their roles


Can I allocate and limit message credits for ministry or campus subaccounts?

Yes. A common need is to have the ability to limit usage based on a ministry or campus. From within your master account, you can distribute and limit message credits from your Clearstream plan. This makes it easy to track usage based on each subaccount.

Can I toggle between different subaccounts?

Yep, you can easily switch between subaccounts while staying logged in. You won't need to log out of one subaccount in order to log in to a different one.

What are the roles in a subaccount?

Owner, Admin, and Editor.

  • The Owner can do it all, and has access to the master account and all subaccounts. Whoever created the account will be the only owner. You can transfer ownership in your settings.

  • Admins can do almost everything an owner can aside from create subaccounts. Admins only have access to the specific subaccounts they’ve been invited to and they can invite users, edit integrations and also edit billing if they have access to the master account.

  • Editors have access to all the core features in your account. An Editor can create and send messages, view incoming messages, and create/edit keywords.

Can I add more subaccounts to my plan without upgrading?

Monthly plans come with a set number of subaccounts, but you can add additional subaccounts to any plan. Just reach out to our customer success team.

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