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Link Shortener

Include links from a custom URL (your church's own subdomain) and shorten them with our link shortener (Clearstream domain -, making them prettier, more unique, and, wait for it, shorter. You can also track how many times your link is clicked. 


Where can I view link tracking data?

You can view how many times your link is clicked on the View Messages page or on the View Keywords page. 

Can I send shortened links in workflows?

You sure can. Use our URL shortener in mass texts, workflows, notes, and inbox replies.

If I send a URL in an email, will it affect my short link tracking in Clearstream?

Yes! Any time your link is clicked, regardless of which medium, it will show in your Clearstream account. This means you may have more clicks than actual recipients.

Where do I customize my link?

Head to Settings > Link Shortening in your Clearstream account.

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