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Rock RMS is a self-hosted, open source, fully-featured church management software. And if you do any kind of texting within Rock, Clearstream is the most powerful SMS provider you can use. We replace Twilio in Rock and give your team more functionality and faster message throughput. Our two-way integration allows you to text Communication Lists and Groups, create new profiles, add people to Rock Groups and Workflows, retrieve profile data from Rock when people text in, and send texts based on their campus in Rock.

Install Clearstream's plugin for the best texting experience in Rock RMS

If you want to send texts inside of Rock, just install the Clearstream Rock Plugin, available in the Rock Shop. Our plugin is a drop-in replacement for Twilio and allows you to send texts in Rock using your Clearstream numbers (both short codes and long codes).

Once installed, you can use all of Rock's built-in SMS capabilities, including SMS Pipelines, SMS Conversations, Communications, etc.

Screenshot of the Rock Plugin in the Apple Store

Send texts to your Communication Lists and Groups in Clearstream

If you integrate with Rock through the Clearstream platform, then you can sync your Rock Communication Lists and Groups into Clearstream and text them. Your lists automatically sync every night to ensure everything is up-to-date. Any changes made in Rock will be reflected in Clearstream.

Rock RMS Syncing Picture

Create new profiles in Rock RMS when people text in

When first-time guests text a keyword or enter an automated workflow, you can auto-reply with a digital connect card. That information is pushed to Rock and a person is created in your Rock database, and optionally pushed to a Rock Group or Workflow. You can also add workflow attributes to Rock profiles.

But don't worry about duplicates; if the phone number already exists in Rock, we won't create a new person. 

Someone texts "foodpantry" and receives a digital connect card. Their information is pushed to Rock and they're added to a Rock Workflow

Retrieve profile data from Rock RMS automatically

When someone new texts in to your Clearstream account, we'll search your Rock database for a matching person based on their phone number. If a match is found, we'll sync their profile data into Clearstream almost instantly.

Scott already exists in Rock, so Clearstream syncs existing information into Clearstream

Send unique texts based on campus

If you're a multi-campus church, you can have everyone text the same keyword or enter the same workflow, but receive separate texts based on their campus as recorded in your Rock database. You can set up branch conditions like “Rock Campus is unknown” or “Rock Campus is Downtown.”

Alex texts the keyword "earlychurch" and Clearstream sends an auto-response based on her campus ID in Rock

Compare Twilio to Clearstream PDF

Download a comprehensive Twilio and Clearstream comparison

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If someone opts out of Clearstream, will they sync back in when the Rock integration runs again?

No. We automatically scrub opt-outs. People are only opted back in if they choose to text a keyword or fill out a signup form.

Will people be removed from my list in Rock if they opt out in Clearstream?

No. They’ll be removed from the list in Clearstream, but stay in Rock. This means that your synced list in Clearstream may be smaller than the list in your Rock account.

What happens if I change someone’s name in Clearstream who is synced from Rock?

When Rock syncs with Clearstream, it will change all names to how they are listed in Rock. We treat Rock as the ultimate source of truth for your data, so if you want to change the name or number of a Rock contact, you will have to make that change in Rock rather than in Clearstream.

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