”Clearstream does for texting what MailChimp does for email. It’s active, instant communication. It’s what this generation expects, and for our church it’s the future of how we reach people.”
Roger Hirth

Generation Church

Shortcode and Longcode Texting

  • Shortcode for Mass Texting

    Quickly send text message blasts to your subscribers. Shortcode messages are delivered at 300 msgs/second, ensuring quick delivery to even your largest subscriber Lists. Our Shortcodes are connected to all U.S. wireless carriers.

  • Longcode for Gathering Feedback

    While Shortcodes are used for sending message blasts to your subscribers, Longcodes (aka Dedicated Local Numbers) are used as a quick way for people to text in prayer requests, feedback, or comments. No need for the person to text in a Keyword first.

  • Keywords

    Keywords are words that members or visitors can text to your Shortcode to join one of your Lists. Use multiple Keywords to let people join different Lists or parts of your ministry. Our Automated Keyword Workflows are a powerful tool for following up with 1st-time visitors.

  • Schedule Message Blasts

    Schedule out one or multiple message blasts, down to the minute. Helpful if you want to setup all message blasts for the week or month at once. Subscribers who opt-in to a List after you've scheduled your message will still receive it.

Two-Way Messaging

  • Converse with Subscribers

    The Clearstream Inbox is where text conversations happen. All incoming messages received from subscribers are stored in the Inbox. Account users can respond to Inbox messages to start two-way conversations with subscribers.

  • Inbox Notifications

    Your account’s Inbox is where all incoming messages are stored. Notifications let you always know when you have a new incoming message from someone. Be notified via email, push notifications if using our mobile app or webhooks if using our API.

  • Organized Team Communication

    Each account can have one admin and up to 25 account users. Each Inbox conversation thread displays which account user has responded to the subscriber.

  • Free Incoming Messages/Responses

    All incoming messages, such as when a subscriber replies to a message blast or sends in a prayer request via your Longcode, are free and do not count against your account’s message credits. Only outgoing messages are counted as message credits.

Powerful Integrations

  • Planning Center

    Clearstream directly integrates with Planning Center Online, enabling you to automatically sync any and all PC People Lists with your Clearstream account. Synced Lists are updated every 24 hours, ensuring they are always accurate.

  • Mailchimp

    Our Mailchimp integration let's you automatically sync your Clearstream and Mailchimp accounts. This is helpful if you use Clearstream and Mailchimp to send welcome texts and emails to 1st-time visitors.

  • Integrate with your Website

    Give your website visitors the option to join one of your Clearstream Lists right from your website. Like your website’s email signup form but for texting. Website forms can be fully customized to fit the look and feel of your website.


    If you need a way to implement robust text messaging functionality into your own application, our REST API may be the perfect solution. Nearly all of Clearstream’s functionality, but in your application. View API documentation.

Unlimited Lists and Subscribers

  • Unlimited Subscribers and Lists

    With every Clearstream account, you can create as many Lists as needed to segment your subscribers. You’re also not limited on the number of subscribers, regardless of the monthly plan your on.

  • Account User Roles

    Need to give account access to multiple team or staff members? No worries. You can create up to 25 users and assign Admin or Editor roles for each user.

  • Import/Export Your Lists

    Moving over from another texting software? Or just need to import your member database from your church management software? We make it simple. You can export your Clearstream Lists too. And your account data is yours and is never shared with 3rd parties.

  • Detailed Subscriber Data

    View individual subscriber data such as name, mobile number, wireless carrier, opt-in date and source of opt-in. Easily edit subscriber info such as first/last name and email.

Live Metrics

  • Real-time metrics

    With each message blast sent you can view live, second by second data in an easy-to-read graph. See delivery rates, incoming replies, and opt-outs in real-time.

  • URL Click Tracking

    If you send a message blast that contains a link, you can track message URL clicks. See when and how many subscribers clicked your link. Clearstream also integrates with Bit.ly, enabling you to instantly shorten any link in a message body. Like Twitter.

  • Message Delivery Performance

    Ensure that your messages are actually being delivered. When a subscriber fails to receive your message or a number is no longer active, we’ll remove the subscriber from your list. Most providers don’t give this level of backend transparency.

  • Opt-in/opt-out Analytics

    Get a quick view of your best performing opt-in sources. Are your website forms outperforming your keyword opt-ins? Key data helps you make better, more informed decisions. Also know who opted-out, and when.

iOS & Android App

  • iPhone App

    Download our free iOS app to manage your Clearstream account right from your iPhone. Send messages, manage your Inbox, and track account performance.

  • Android App

    We also have a free Android app that provides the same functionality as our iOS app. Send messages, manage your Inbox, and track account performance all from your Android device.

”I love the simplicity and ease of use [of Clearstream]. Everything feels intuitive, there is no need to dig deeply into an instruction manual. Just get out and do what you came to do: communicate with your people.”

Peter – Hope City Church