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Clearstream’s suite of features is designed to help grow your church and connect with your people.

Mass Texting

Send mass texts with links, pictures, videos, polls, emojis, other languages, notes, or custom data fields.
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Video Texting

Make your text messages more engaging with video. Upload an existing video or record a new video directly within Clearstream.
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Text-to-Join Keywords

Have people text your number, join a texting list, and receive an auto-response. Trigger an automated workflow with a series of scheduled texts.
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Create and send beautiful emails with our intuitive email builder. Unlimited email is free for all churches on every plan.
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Reply to incoming messages and questions. See which user is handling each conversation. Find specific or archived conversations easily.
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Automated Workflows

Schedule a series of texts over time. Use menus and conditional branches to design unique workflows based on user interaction and data.
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Easily divide ministries or campuses into separate accounts under your main umbrella account, but with one monthly plan.
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Live Polls

Survey your church, ask a question, or receive feedback using texting. Display live results on screen.
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Dedicated Short Codes

Clearstream is a vetted Premier Partner with the Short Code Registry, the national registrar for all U.S. short codes.
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A2P 10DLC Numbers

A2P 10DLC is a registration process required by carriers when using 10-digit local numbers for mass texting.
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Even more Clearstream features

Activity Tables

See detailed data on any sent messages or workflows.
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Carrier Compliance

We have a deep understanding of how FCC laws and CTIA and carrier requirements impact delivery rates and texting success for churches.
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Central User Management

Invite, manage, and remove subaccount users from one place.
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Custom Reports

Generate customizable CSV files that include overview metrics for keywords, messages, credit usage, and account info.
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Dark Mode

Switch to dark mode when you need to give those retinas some rest. If you change your mind, one toggle switch brings it back to light.
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Data Fields

Personalize messages by inserting first name, last name, full name, mobile number, etc. into any text or workflow auto-response.
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Digital Connect Card

Capture contact information. People can text a keyword to receive a connect card or you can send it as a part of a workflow.
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Include emojis in a workflow, when creating a message, or replying in the inbox.
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Link Shortener

Make your messages more concise, build trust with your church, and track clicks using custom, branded short links.
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Live Delivery Metrics

View filterable, real-time metrics with every text you send.
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Message Drafts

If you're creating a message and get side-tracked, just save it for later.
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Multi-Lingual Texting

Send texts in any language, not just English.
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Native iOS & Android Apps

Send messages, receive notifications, manage your inbox, schedule texts, and easily toggle between subaccounts.
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Share long-form content in your text. Think of a google doc (web-based), but with a short, unique URL.
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Picture Texting (MMS)

Share pictures when sending a message in Clearstream.
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Post to Social

Give your texts a wider audience by sharing them on Facebook or X (formerly Twitter).
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QR Codes

Let people use a text-to-join keyword by scanning a QR code instead of typing out the keyword and number.
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Recurring Messages

Send a text on a repeating schedule.
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Send Menu

Have people text a keyword or enter a workflow and receive back a list of options to choose from.
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Scheduled Messages

Schedule outgoing texts hours, days, or months in advance. Create messages on your time, when it's convenient for you.
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Signup Forms

Have people join a texting list from your website.
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Organize subscribers by their shared tags. Common use cases are guest follow-up and prayer.
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Unlimited People & Lists

There are no limits on how many subscribers or lists you can have in your account.
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Unlimited Account Users

Invite as many users as you need to manage your account.
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Virtual Contact Cards

Text out your church's name, number, email, and address. Your members can save the card and store info as a contact on their phones.
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Workflow Branches

People can text the same keyword or enter the same workflow but receive different texts, and join different lists or subaccounts.
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