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Clearstream is a product-first company. We value feedback and are releasing new things all the time! The changelog below is a timeline of the improvements and new features we've launched.

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September 28, 2023

Release Details
  • Improved subscriber imports

    Updated design to improve user experience. You can now see a preview showing how each column will be matched in Clearstream. Excel files (.xlsx) are now an accepted format for imports.

September 21, 2023

Release Details
  • Display MMS in Slack

    If you use our Slack integration to manage your Clearstream inboxes, you can now see incoming MMS attachments within your Slack channel(s).

September 18, 2023

Release Details
  • 'Select all' option for reports

    Now when generating a report, select the 'All' checkbox to include data from all subaccounts.

  • New light/dark mode selector

    The light/dark mode selector has been moved from the left navigation menu to the user dropdown in the top right.

Dark/light mode option

September 11, 2023

Release Details
  • Display required credits for all scheduled messages

    • From the messages page, you can now see how many credits are required for all of your scheduled texts.

September 6th, 2023

Release Details
  • Branch based on subscriber tags

    When building a workflow, you can now create unique paths for subscribers who have a specific tag.

  • Updated subaccount UI to display more settings

  • Multi-segment texts sent to short codes will automatically stitch together

  • Add toggle for adding and removing short codes from subaccounts

September 5, 2023

Release Details
  • A new Note Library allows Notes to be re-used

    All Notes are now stored in the Notes Library where you can view and re-use previously created notes.

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