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April Product Update

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Lizzie Reese
Lizzie Reese
Customer Success

Happy (belated) Easter! 💐 Though our greeting is late, the empty tomb is more than worthy of our celebration year-round. We hope you had a great (though likely insanely busy) weekend and have some rest in sight! We've spent much of our recent time expanding our integrations with Church Community Builder and Rock RMS. Now both integrations are two-way and allow you to automatically create new CCB or Rock profiles when someone texts in. 😯 We've also updated our Slack integration to make managing your Clearstream Inbox even easier.

Church Community Builder Integration

You asked and we heard you! Our integration with CCB has always allowed you to sync your Groups into Clearstream to text them. Now it's a two-way integration, so you can also send profiles from Clearstream to CCB. When someone texts your Keyword, Clearstream can collect their information and automatically create a new profile in CCB. Just add the new Push to Church Community Builder step to your Keyword Workflow. To prevent possible duplicates, we've added a new setting to automatically search CCB for a matching profile when someone texts in. If a match is found (based on their phone number), we'll sync their profile into Clearstream instantly.

Rock RMS Integration

There are a couple of ways to connect Clearstream and Rock. If you're using the direct integration, you can now push new subscribers from Clearstream to Rock. Just add the new Push to Rock RMS step to your Keyword Workflow. When someone texts your Keyword, Clearstream will collect their information and create a new person in Rock. There's also a new setting to automatically search Rock for a matching person when someone texts in. If a match is found (based on their phone number), we'll sync their profile into Clearstream. You can also use Rock profile data (such as campus) to create custom branches in your keyword workflows.

Slack Integration Update

Connecting your Clearstream account to a Slack channel isn't exactly a new integration, but we've updated the integration to make it even easier to integrate with both public and private channels. Using our Slack integration, you can receive texts in a Slack channel (in addition to your Clearstream Inbox) and respond to those texts right there within Slack. Connect Clearstream to one of your Slack channels in three easy steps.

Emojis + Accented Characters

We recently released emojis and accented characters to our platform. Now it's easier to communicate with your members and guests in various languages. Express more than words can say, using emojis. 😊

Company News

Emily Cross

Emily Cross

Customer Success/Content Writer

We are over the moon that Emily is joining the Customer Success Team as well as our Marketing Team here in Pensacola, FL! Emily has moved here from Indiana, and spends much of her free time volunteering on the worship team at her church, trying unique coffee shops, and making delicious baked goods.

Customer Spotlight

"We use Clearstream with Planning Center Online. This makes texting easy to use based on our current church management system; we won't lose contact data and we can start workflows to keep people connected and not fall through the cracks. Texting is reliable, VERY easy to use, and the scheduling aspect makes the use of the user's time more efficient."

Nikole B., Highland Village Church

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Thanks for taking the time to read about all the updates happening at Clearstream. We're so grateful to partner with churches like you. 😊

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