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New Website, Custom Routing, App Push Notifications

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Last week we launched a brand new site, and we'd love for you to check it out! We completely rebuilt it, and now have dedicated pages for each of our features and integrations. You may learn something new that you didn't know you could do with Clearstream! Along with that, we also added a new mobile push notification and branch option.

New Website

Building the new site was a big undertaking. Development, design, content, video production—all custom-built by our team. There's even a 49-minute walkthrough of our platform which is either really helpful or reeaally boring. We're not sure yet...

New Branch Options

Branches let you send different people down different workflow paths based on conditions you create. Really helpful for making sure everyone receives only the messages that are relevant to them. We added a new, custom option that lets you branch based on the number of times a person has texted your keyword. So people can text your keyword over and over and receive a different text back each time.

Keyword Use Push Notification

If you're using our mobile app, you can receive push notifications for incoming texts. Now you can also receive push notifications when someone texts your keyword and see who used it. If you're using subaccounts, optionally enable/disable this notification per subaccount, so you're only notified for certain keywords.

And that’s a wrap!

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new website. If you have anything to share or any questions, hit the live chat button at the bottom of your screen. 👋

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