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Lizzie Reese
Lizzie Reese
Customer Success

Let us be the first to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Over the last few months, we've been hinting at some large changes coming to Clearstream, and we just released a few of these updates last week. Along with those new features, we've pushed a few smaller updates. Check out Workflow Branches, updates to keyword workflows, and a sweet improvement to our Planning Center integration.

Workflow Branches

If you've ever created a keyword workflow and thought, "I'd love this group of people to receive one automated text, but that group to receive a different automated text", branches are for you. This feature is a bit more advanced, so we've written a separate blog post to spell out all the details. In short, you can split your workflow to create unique paths for different Subscribers based on the conditions you set.

Keyword Workflow Updates

When creating a keyword workflow, you'll notice a couple new options: transfer to workflow & transfer to subaccount. These steps may be especially helpful when using Branches, but are also available within a typical keyword workflow.

Transfer to Workflow

Previously, if you wanted to add people to a workflow both manually and using a Keyword, you'd have to set up two different Workflows. Now, people can text in a Keyword to automatically join an Automated Workflow. When creating your Keyword, just add the "Transfer to Workflow" step and you're all set!

Transfer to Subaccount

When creating a Keyword in your Master Account, you can now transfer someone into a subaccount. You can even add them to your Subaccount's List or Workflow using the Keyword in your master account.

Planning Center Integration

When someone new texts in (using a keyword or texting a question), we can automatically scan your Planning Center account to see if the phone number exists in Planning Center. If it does, we'll instantly sync their People profile into Clearstream. This lets you know immediately who is texting in and it prevents duplicates in Planning Center. Head to Integrations > Planning Center to enable this new option.

Webhook Functionality

We’ve improved our API Webhooks by adding a simple way to authenticate the request. This allows you to verify that the webhook was sent by Clearstream.

Customer Spotlight

"I LOVE Clearstream! It is so easy to use and the mobile app is just as user-friendly as the desktop version. It integrates perfectly with [the church management software] that we use for church. It also updates lists on a daily basis to be accurate before sending any prescheduled messages. I have nothing to complain about with Clearstream!"

Cherie G., CityGate Church - Portage, MI  

Review Us?

How has your experience with Clearstream been? We are constantly improving our software and we strive to provide excellent Customer Support, so we'd love to hear your honest feedback on how we're doing in these pursuits.

Thanks for taking time out of perhaps the busiest month of the year to read about all the changes at Clearstream. We are so grateful for you, and are praying you have a peaceful Advent season.

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