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New Feature: Subaccounts

  • Written By: Michael Lepinay
  • Posted: Apr 26th 2018

Today we wanted to introduce a major new feature in Clearstream: Subaccounts. If you have a few ministries in your church that are large enough to need their own account, or if your church has multiple locations, Subaccounts is a great option. Now you can create separate accounts under your main (we’ll call it master) account, but still have only one monthly plan and bill with Clearstream. New Subaccounts can be created within a few seconds right from your master account.

Subaccounts let you create multiple accounts under your main Clearstream account. Each Subaccount is its own account with separate Lists, Keywords, Inbox, users, Longcodes, and Integrations.

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Manage separate ministries or campuses from one umbrella account

We’ve been seeing a recurring issue with churches using Clearstream over the past couple years: a lot of users (ministry leaders, pastors, staff) are running different ministries, but using one account to manage everything. That created a lot of unnecessary frustration for some of our customers.

Part of the solution was to enable user roles: owner, admin, or just editor. This helped limit what users can do in each account they have access to. But this wasn’t the long-term solution we knew was needed. Even if users have limited roles, there’s still only one Inbox all incoming messages go into, which creates the biggest problem when running multiple large ministries under one Cleastream account.

Subaccounts solve all of that. No more shared Inboxes and Keywords, or using one Longcode for every ministry in your church. Now each ministry or campus can have it’s own account, under your master account.

Specify message credit and keyword limits for each subaccount

When you create a new Subaccount, you can give that account unlimited or a set number of message credits and Keywords per month. This pulls from your master account’s monthly plan. No more multiple monthly plans, multiple billing, etc. One monthly plan tied to your master account. That’s it.

Quickly switch between accounts

We wanted to make switching between accounts as seamless as possible (think switching between Google accounts, but faster). No logging into an account, logging out of that account, and logging into a different account. Just toggle between accounts in the Account Settings dropdown.

Each account can have up to 25 users (if you need more, let us know. But you probably won’t b/c 25 people managing one account is a lot of hands in one kitchen). And if a user has access to multiple accounts, they can quickly switch between accounts. No more logging in and out from multiple accounts!

How many subaccounts come With each plan

Plan # of Subaccounts
Forever Free Plan 0
Church Plant ($29/mo) 1
Small Church ($49/mo) 2
Medium Church ($99/mo) 4
Large Church ($199/mo) 8

Video Walkthrough

If you have any questions about setting up new Subaccounts, just message us. We’re here to help.

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