Many of the largest and most influential churches in the U.S. partner with Clearstream.

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A Few Reasons Why

Platform Reliability And Uptime

  • Built for mass texting – With a minimum message throughput of 300 messages per second, we deliver your message to your people, regardless of their carrier, 7.5x faster than the average SMS provider.
  • Directly connected to all wireless carriers in U.S. through a Tier 1 aggregator (no, we’re not a basic texting app built on Twilio). Direct connectivity is critical for providing reliable and fast messaging.
  • Carrier compliant – the Clearstream platform adheres to the nuanced TCPA/wireless carrier requirements for organizational texting. Watch our texting laws video series to learn more.

Dedicated Shortcodes

Support That’s Second To None

  • Support isn’t just something we offer, but consider as part of the product we provide. See for yourself – read our customer reviews or check out our Wall of Love.
  • Average live chat response time is < 3 minutes.

What Churches Say About Clearstream

Clearstream continues to be an excellent partner for Churchome. We connect with more than 10,000 people up and down the West Coast on a monthly basis via text while maintaining an opt-out rate of less than 1%. Their team solicits feedback, implements our suggestions, and clearly communicates best practices that translate into our success.

Bill S.


  • Secondary accounts under your main account designed specifically for large multi-campus churches.
  • Each Subaccount has it’s own Users, Inbox, Messages, etc. Limit message credits and Keywords from your master account.
  • Easily switch between accounts without logging in and logging out.
  • All on one monthly plan.

Enterprise-grade Messaging and Analytics

  • Live Metrics

    Real-time metrics when sending messages. See how many people are receiving your message per second, opt-outs, and incoming replies. 

  • Transparent Metrics

    We don’t hide the not-so-pretty metrics, like message failures. See which people didn’t receive your message.

  • Filterable Metrics

    Almost every page in Clearstream gives you beautiful, filterable graphs. 

  • Message Delivery Redundancy

    When a message fails to deliver to any subscriber, we’ll auto-reroute it through your account’s Longcode to ensure the highest delivery possible. 

  • Mobile Analytics

    See important account metrics when you’re on the road or in a plane with our iOS and Android apps. 

  • Account Reports

    Weekly email reports showing your account activity and growth from the previous week which can be downloaded and shared during your next staff meeting.

Need A Full SMS API?

API Documentation

How We Stack Up
Against Twilio

Considering whether to build your own SMS app on Twilio’s API or use a full platform like Clearstream? Download our comparison paper:

How Others Are Using Clearstream

Clearstream helps our Church communicate with volunteers, group leaders, and people that are looking to get more involved at NewSpring. The keyword functionality paired with mass and individual messaging has been very helpful.

Andy S.

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