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March Product Update

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Our team is excited for Spring and daylight saving time! We're also excited to share a new feature and some updates! Not sure which is more exciting... we really love the sunshine. ☀️

We created a new Reports feature that lets you see specific account activity, we improved functionality for Spanish speaking churches, and added the option to duplicate workflows. Along with that, we launched our Clearstream Slack Community where you can connect with other churches using Clearstream and our team!

With Easter around the corner, if you need help setting up workflows or anything else, reach out to us. We'd love to help!


Reports allow you to pull CSV files that include detailed metrics for keywords, messages, and credits used. There are four report options:

  • Weekly Reports

  • Keyword Activity

  • Texts Sent

  • Subscriber Texts

Platform view of navigating to Reports section

Spanish Forms

There is now a Spanish version of the collect name and email form! By default, each person will receive the form according to the language setting on their phone, but they can also manually change the language at the bottom.

Screenshot of digital connect card in Spanish

Spanish Keywords

We'll now automatically match accented keyword texts. For example, if your keyword is CONEXION, anyone who texts in with CONEXIÓN, will still enter your workflow. 👍

Duplicate Workflow

Have you ever created a keyword workflow, only to realize you need to change the keyword itself? 😅 Rather than re-creating each step, simply duplicate the entire workflow.

Platform view of selecting "Duplicate workflow"

Clearstream Slack Channel

If you've ever wanted to chat with other churches who use Clearstream, we think you'll really enjoy our new Clearstream Slack Community! You can connect with our team and other churches who are using Clearstream. Our hope is this becomes a place where you can connect with other churches are using texting and share your questions and ideas. 🎉

Customer Spotlight

I love the simple, intuitive user interface (both desktop & mobile)! Very easy & effective to use. I also love how it syncs to Planning Center Online.

AJ D., The Movement Church - San Leandro, CA

We appreciate you taking the time to read about what's new! If you're in full-swing Easter mode and need help getting things set up in your Clearstream account, let us know. We're happy to help. Until next month. 👋

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