A Powerful Texting Solution For Rock RMS

The way churches communicate has changed. The average open rate for email is 25%. Texting is 97%. Clearstream is a powerful texting software that seamlessly integrates with Rock RMS. 

What You Can Do With Clearstream + Rock RMS

  • The Clearstream SMS Transport plugin gives you powerful texting capabilities within Rock RMS.
  • You can also use our direct integration to sync your Rock groups and communication lists into Clearstream.
  • Within our web app, take advantage of workflows, manage campuses and ministries, and respond to messages in real time.

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Why Integrate Rock With Clearstream

  • Sync with Rock RMS

    Sync your Rock groups and communication lists into Clearstream, or use our SMS Transport plugin to send & receive texts within Rock.

  • Shortcodes + Longcodes

    Use a local 10-digit number, one of our Shared Shortcodes (like 94000), or setup a Dedicated Shortcode to be used by only your church.

  • Web and Mobile Apps

    For last-minute event changes, security alerts, Sunday morning announcements, or volunteer scheduling use our web-based or native iOS and Android apps.

Send Texts From Within Rock Using Our SMS Transport Plugin

  • Our plugin is a drop-in replacement for the Twilio SMS Transport that comes built into Rock with one exceptional difference – our software is built specifically for churches.
  • Quickly install the Clearstream plugin from the Rock Shop and get started in minutes using our step-by-step guide.
  • Once installed, you can use all of Rock’s built-in SMS capabilities, including SMS Pipelines.

Easily Text Your Rock Groups & Lists

  • You’re only a few clicks away from texting your church! Choose the groups and communication lists you want to text, sync them into Clearstream, create a message, and click send. It’s that easy.
  • The sync runs automatically every night to ensure everything is up-to-date.
  • Send a text to your entire church or just a single person. Not ready to send it? No worries. You can schedule the text to send at a later date and time.

Support That’s Second To None

  • Support isn’t just something we offer, but consider as part of the product we provide. See for yourself – read our customer reviews or check out our Wall of Love.
  • Need help with your account? Get feedback in real-time by reaching out to us in Live Chat or scheduling a call.
  • Average support response time is < 3 minutes.

Manage On The Go

Instant communication with your people should be painless. For last-minute event changes, parent nursery notifications, Sunday morning announcements, or volunteer scheduling – there’s a native app for that.

How We Stack Up
Against Twilio

Considering whether to use Twilio’s Rock Shop plugin or use a full platform like Clearstream? Download our comparison paper:

We’re a church of 3k - 5k who are using Clearstream for childrens', students, young adult, and connection teams - both for volunteers and participants. We’re so happy to have this additional avenue for connecting with congregants, volunteers, and staff and it’s been well-received.

Bethany D.

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