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Posted on November 5th, 2019

Choosing the Right Texting Service for Your Church

Choosing the Right Texting Service for Your Church

Over the past several months, we’ve been on the hunt for a ‘customer journey’ software. Sure analytics tools like Google Analytics can give us some insight into where customers come from and how they interact with us, but we need something much more encompassing. It’s felt like pulling teeth trying to find the right company to partner with - exploring demos with sales reps, watching webinars, reading setup and API documentation, and trying to determine each company’s pricing structure (some hundreds, some thousands of dollars per month 🤔). It's also frustrating trying to sift through polished sales copy and technical jargon.

Most of the time trying to find the best product or service can feel like a toss-up. Cross your fingers and hope that you chose the right plumber for your house, customer journey software for your company, or texting service for your church.

Our goal here is to help you ask the right questions and outline the features and functionalities most texting providers offer. While we’re admittedly biased that Clearstream is the best texting service for churches, we’ll try to be as objective as possible. Hopefully this helps you find the right texting service and partner for your church.

1. Questions You Should be Asking

2. Partnering With the Right Kind of Company

"Clearstream continues to be an excellent partner for Churchome (formerly The City Church). We connect with more than 10,000 people up and down the West Coast on a monthly basis via text while maintaining an opt-out rate of less than 1%. Their team solicits feedback, implements our suggestions, and clearly communicates best practices that translate into our success."
Bill S. – Churchome

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3. Features and Functionalities

You might come across terms you’re unfamiliar with as you’re looking for a church texting service. Here are some of the most common terms and features:

4. Why Should You Choose Clearstream?

Hopefully, this post provided some helpful info and guidance into what you should be asking and looking for when choosing a texting service for your church. If you have any questions at all, we’d love to hear from you. Hit the chat button at the bottom right of this page, or email us here.