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November Product Update

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Happy November! It's always refreshing to refocus on all we have to be thankful for. 🧡

We've been busy updating several parts of our platform over the past several weeks (mostly boring, behind the scenes stuff). But today we launched a fun, new, not behind the scenes feature: Notes! And that's not all... keep your eyes peeled for an exciting, though likely unexpected, feature launching later this month! 👀


Have you ever wanted to send a very long text, a newsletter, or a long list of prayer requests without using extra credits? Well, now you can. Introducing... Notes! When creating a message, you can attach a note to your text using the new note icon. When your congregation receives the text, it will include a link to your note that they can easily open straight from their phones.

Platform view of creating a mass text with a note, and phone mock-up of receiving the message with the note

Invoice Emails

We've had many churches request the ability to have monthly invoices sent to someone on staff other than the Clearstream account Owner (which makes total sense). Now you can do exactly that! Just go to Settings > Invoices and enter the preferred email address.

Changes to long codes (A2P registration)

If you are using a long code (10-digit number) and have completed the registration form recently, thank you! The way carriers route text messages through 10-digit local numbers has changed this year. It's known as A2P 10-DLC. Read this blog post to learn what it is and what you need to do in Clearstream to get setup.

Updates to our Free Plan

If you're using our free plan, we made a couple updates that should make your life a little bit easier. Previously, you had to be on a paid plan to import a CSV file or manually add subscribers. Now, this is available on the free plan as well! Just head to the Subscribers page and click Add Subscribers.

Customer Spotlight

I could not be happier with Clearstream and the people I have dealt with. I would highly recommend it for other churches or organizations. The staff are friendly and responsive and very helpful. I've always gotten prompt help when I've had a question. I really like being able to ask a question online and chat with them until I find an answer.

JoAnn B., Ascension Lutheran Church - Rochester, MN

Leave us a review!

As a product-focused company without a sales team, we rely on churches having a great experience and we’d love to hear your honest feedback (note the bold and italics). 😊 Whether there’s something we can improve, or something that’s working well, we'd love for you to leave us a review.

Thanks for taking time to read about all the changes at Clearstream and providing your perspective on how we're doing. We are so grateful for you!

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