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*7/23/20 Update - We are continuing to help churches, as we're able to, with limited free credits needed for COVID-related communication. If your church needs assistance, please reach out to our support.

Due to COVID-19, many churches around the country are canceling Sunday gatherings and moving services online. A significant number of you, our customers, have been using Clearstream to communicate these changes to your church community via text message. 

Our first core value as a company is to “Be Humble - While we pride ourselves in what we do, our role in the bigger story of church history is transient and relatively small.” While small, there is a role we can play in helping the local church during this time.

In order to help lessen the stress your church is dealing with due to this issue, we’re going to give 500-5,000 message credits (depending on your church size) to any church that needs it to help cover COVID-19-related text messages you need to send out. We’ll handle the carrier costs (which we’re anticipating to be quite high).

We will do this every week for the next few weeks as the situation unfolds, and as we are able.

Couple things to note:

  • If you need credits for texts related to COVID-19, please email support or live chat with us.

  • Due to already higher support volume, please give our support team a little more time to get back to you.

  • We won't be refunding additional credit purchases or plan upgrades. Please just reach out if you need more credits.

  • Lastly, if you know of other churches who might need to use something like Clearstream for communicating with their members during this time, let them know they can use Clearstream free for any COVID-19-related texting. No strings attached. Just have them reach out to our support team.

It's hard not to be reminded of the local church's response to moments of actual or potential crisis in centuries past.

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