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30-Day Trial

100 credits

Unlimited keywords

Local 10-digit number

0 subaccounts

All other features included

Per Month

1,250 credits/mo

Unlimited keywords

2 local 10-digit numbers

1 subaccount

All features included

Per Month
Per Month
Per Month

12,000 credits/mo

Unlimited keywords

9 local 10-digit numbers

8 subaccounts

All features included

Per Month

20,000 credits/mo

Unlimited keywords

11 local 10-digit numbers

10 subaccounts

All features included

Per Month

35,000 credits/mo

Unlimited keywords

16 local 10-digit numbers

15 subaccounts

All features included

Per Month

70,000 credits/mo

Unlimited keywords

21 local 10-digit numbers

20 subaccounts

All features included

Per Month

140,000 credits/mo

Unlimited keywords

26 local 10-digit numbers

25 subaccounts

All features included

Per Month

250,000 credits/mo

Unlimited keywords

31 local 10-digit numbers

30 subaccounts

All features included

Per Month

500,000 credits/mo

Unlimited keywords

36 local 10-digit numbers

35 subaccounts

All features included

New plants to many of the largest and most influential churches in the U.S. rely on Clearstream as their texting service.

More Options

New Church Plants

We'd love to support your new church plant! Hit us up to use Clearstream free for one year.

Dedicated Short Codes

Have Clearstream set up and host a dedicated 5-digit number for your church. This is the single best option for reliable mass texting.

Pay Annually

Receive a 17% discount for paying annually. No setup, renewal, or cancellation fees.

Common Pricing Questions

How do credits work?

Each outgoing message uses credits. All incoming messages are free. In most cases, if a message is sent to a list of 100 people, 100 credits will be used. If the message exceeds 160 characters or includes special characters (û, á, etc.), emojis, or a picture, it may use two or three credits per person. You'll see a character count as you're creating your message.

Do credits rollover each month?

Monthly credits do not rollover. Your credits renew to your plan’s allotment (e.g. 1,250 credits on the $29/mo plan) each month. But we do offer rollover credits. You can purchase these in your account any time, and they’re always the last credits used.

What if I run out of credits?

If you run out of credits, people can still join one of your lists, and receive an auto-response message. You will not be billed for message overages. But, if you try to send a text you don’t have enough credits for, you’ll see a popup message prompting you to purchase more credits or upgrade to a larger plan. You can enable email notifications that will alert you of a low-credit balance.

You also have the option of auto-refilling credits. If your balance drops below your credit allotment, credits can be purchased automatically. For more information, visit here.

What is a subaccount?

Subaccounts let you create separate accounts under your main account, but keep one monthly plan. This is great for ministries or campuses that do enough texting on their own to justify the needed separation. Each subaccount has its own subscribers, keywords, inbox, users, long code, etc. Billing is controlled entirely by the master account.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word people text to your church number in order to join a texting list and receive an auto-response (e.g. Text Join to 775-347-7333). Keywords can also trigger an automated workflow, which lets you schedule out a series of texts, add people to different lists, transfer people to other workflows or subaccounts, and more.

How long can a message be?

Messages can have a total length of 765 plain text characters. You'll be limited to fewer characters when using special characters or emojis.

What are short codes and long codes?

A short code is a carrier-approved, 5-digit number used for mass texting. And Clearstream's short codes average a throughput speed of 300 messages per second. A long code is a 10-digit, local number. Clearstream's long codes are A2P registered. Both numbers can send and receive messages.

Extra Credit Pricing

Need more messages but don't want to upgrade your plan? Purchase credits a la carte at any time. They roll over, never expire and are only used after your monthly plan credits are used.

Credits Cost
125 $10
500 $35
1,000 $60
1,500 $80
2,500 $125
10,000 $425
25,000 $800
50,000 $1,350
100,000 $2,250
250,000 $5,000

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