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Posted on February 3rd, 2015

What is SMS marketing anyway?

There are a lot of questions that plague our society. For example; What in the world does IMHO stand for? What's really the best combination of pizza toppings? And, what exactly is SMS Marketing?

Don’t worry! In the next few sentences, I'll be able to clear up these first two questions fairly quickly…. IMHO is Internet slang for “in my humble opinion”. And, the answer to the best pizza toppings is simply sausage, pepperoni, cheese, mushrooms and onions. (That’s just IMHO, mind you.) The last question about SMS Marketing might take more than a few sentences but the concept is about as straight forward as can be.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS stands for “Short Message Service” and is a message that can be sent to or from a mobile phone. SMS Marketing is simply business to consumer communication done via SMS.

SMS Marketing is permission based which means that each customer that your business or organization contacts via SMS must have given prior permission for you to do so. If you have customers that love you, they will be begging you to sign up. Why? Because SMS Marketing offers them an efficient and guaranteed way to hear about your best sales, new products, and special promotions.

Companies can collect customers’ mobile phone numbers in many different ways. Examples would be through a contact form online, via a written form, or by using a keyword that your current or prospective clients can text to a specific number to enroll automatically. (Give you an example of a keyword? Ok. Sure. It's not like I’m busy writing a blog post or anything… Example: Clearstream’s SMS Marketing software allows your customers to text a simple keyword such as “Join” to 97000. This will automatically add them to the SMS marketing list of your choosing and will immediately text them back a customized response!) However your customer signs up, once you have permission to contact them via text message, you can put your SMS Marketing campaign into motion.

Successful SMS Marketing campaigns normally consist of a concise message with a clear call to action. The call to action could be something as simple as a link to your website or buy page. If you’ve been in business for long, you know that you always want to know your ROI (return on investment) for any given marketing campaign. With print and other traditional marketing methods, tracking your success can be very difficulty and results become unclear.

But, if you have the right campaign (read: a SMS Marketing campaign), tracking your ROI becomes easy as pie (super delicious pie, that is). Clearstream’s SMS Marketing Software is super easy to use and every single link is tracked. The information is then presented clearly and beautifully in your account. You can see just how many people actually clicked on your link and then use your website analytics to see how many of those click-throughs converted to your desired call to action.

Why Clearstream?

SMS Marketing is an amazing way to contact your current or future customers because almost every recipient of a text message will open the message at the very least, because it’s cost-effective, and because you can track what works. Clearstream offers an easy-to-use, beautiful platform where you can send messages to large groups of clients or prospective clients, see their responses and address their questions or concerns.

Plus, you’ll save time! So much time that you can finally organize all of your emails, clean up your desktop-turned-digital-landfill, or start churning out more awesome products for your clients!

Still Have Questions?

Still wondering how SMS Marketing could work for you? … Or, wondering what our least favorite pizza toppings are?  Just let us know. We’d love to answer your questions!