Use Cases

"Clearstream has become our most effective way to connect and communicate directly with our audience. It's is an essential tool for doing ministry effectively in the age of the smartphone."
Mike Doyle, Senior Pastor – Movement NYC

Church-wide Communication

Communicate instantly with your entire congregation, or just a segment, via text message. Send event reminders, last minute schedule changes and emergency alerts through our web-based software or mobile app. Even better, you can keep your member list synced with your ChMS database.

From: 970-00

Movement NYC: Don't miss worship, community, and the launch of our new Fall series: The Supremacy of Jesus! See you at 11:15 AM! Much love :)

– Movement NYC, a Clearstream customer

1st-time Guest Followup

Implementing a 1st-time guest followup system that reliably works isn't easy. But with our Automated Keyword Workflows, it can be. Trigger automated followup messages to be sent to new visitors after their first visit, and get them back in the door.

Youth Ministries

Best way to reach youth? Texting. We all know this. With Clearstream we make it unbeleivably easy for youth to join your List by texting a Keyword, and you to quickly message them. All from one app. Youth groups also use Clearstream for live text message Q&A’s during services.

From: 970-00

Highlands Students: This isn't just any year, this is THE year! Come celebrate 2018 with us at 7PM tonight! #MOTIONnight

– Highlands Students, a Clearstream customer

Prayer Requests Text Line

Enable members and visitors to text their prayer request to your Dedicated Number, anytime throughout the week. You’ll be notified each time a new message is received and can respond immediately to the person needing help or asking for information.

Staff Communication

Integrate with your ChMS to keep all your Lists in sync, including your staff. Or just import your staff’s numbers. Quickly send messages to staff about meetings, schedule changes, etc.

From: 970-00

St. John Baptist Church: End of the year business meeting tonight. At 6:30. We’ll begin promptly. Should be done no later than 7:15-7:30.

– St. John Baptist Church, a Clearstream customer

Volunteer Scheduling

Looking for something a little quicker than email for volunteer scheduling? With Clearstream you can send short, sweet reminder messages not only to entire Lists, but to specific people only. This makes sending reminders to your volunteers much easier.

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