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New Feature: Slack Integration

  • Written By: Michael Lepinay
  • Posted: Sep 26th 2018

Slack is one of the most popular web apps for team communication. Here at Clearstream our team uses and relies on Slack every day. After hearing that so many of our customers use it, we thought ‘why not let our customers manage their Clearstream Inbox directly in Slack?’ Hence this powerful (we tend to overuse this word, but a sufficiently better adjective to describe this new feature could not be found in the English dictionary) new integration. If your church uses Slack for internal team communication, do read on…

Clearstream’s Slack integration enables you to receive, view, and respond to your Clearstream Inbox messages from within your Slack account.

Watch video walkthrough below

How to set up Clearstream Slack integrations

Quick Setup: Integrations > Slack > Connect Slack

When you initially set up your Slack integration, you will select which channel you want synced with your Clearstream account. This Slack channel will be notified any time a new message is received in your Clearstream Inbox. You can then respond to the incoming Clearstream message without having to leave Slack. Note – you can set up a separate Slack integration for each Subaccount.

How other churches are using the Slack Clearstream integration

Texting is a great way to get prayer requests from your church members. Ther are two ways to do this:

  1. Create a custom number, also known as a Longcode, for members to text their prayer requests during the week. All prayer requests will then go into your Inbox, and all team members with access to your Clearstream account will be notified immediately.
  2. Send weekly text blasts to your members, asking them if there’s anything they need prayer for. Many churches that use Clearstream do this on a weekly basis, typically on Wednesdays. This is a much easier and quicker way to get prayer requests compared to email, website forms, or Sunday morning connect cards. Similar to #1 above, all incoming messages are sent to your Inbox, and your team members will be notified with each new incoming prayer request. They can then respond to each one from within your account, mobile app, or directly in Slack.

If you’ve set up a Subaccount specifically for your prayer team, you can give prayer team members in your church access to only that Clearstream account. All incoming prayer requests will go directly into their Clearstream Inbox and no other account. If they’ve synced Clearstream and Slack, they will receive all prayer requests in their Slack channel and can respond to each message from within Slack.

Video walkthrough

Helpful things to know:

  • You can view which user sent a reply in your Clearstream Inbox as well as in your Slack channel.
  • If you are a part of multiple Slack workspaces you can change your workspace (top right corner of your screen.) when you’re authorizing Slack.
  • Everyone in your Slack channel will be able to view and respond to messages. The best practice is to only have people who are authorized Clearstream users in your specified Slack channel.

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