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Posted on August 1st, 2014

Mobile Fundraising. Make it Simple.

Smartphones are quickly becoming the primary platform for making donations to non-profits and churches. As web traffic moves away from desktop and to mobile, there is a big need among non-profit organizations for a reliable and simple way to make collect donations through smartphones.

Let's breakdown the two primary ways to enable mobile giving for your organization. One is actually better than the other.

Text-to-Give through Wireless Carriers

This is a popular option for very large non-profits like the Red Cross. Chances are you've seen the Red Cross Text-to-Give campaigns during international disasters. However, a 501c3 typically has to show yearly donations of at least $500k to be eligible to implement a Text-to-Give campaign. There are typically setup fees as well. Here is how Text-to-Give campaigns work:

  1. Donor texts in a keyword to a shortcode (Text HAITI to 90999) to make a $5 or $10 donation.
  2. A response message is sent back, and the donor confirms the donation by replying 'Y' or 'Yes'.
  3. The $5 or $10 donation is then added to the donor's wireless bill.
  4. The wireless carrier (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) transmits the funds to the non-profit 90-120 days later. In many cases, a significant percentage of the donation is retained by the carrier (anywhere from 15-40%).

Bottom line, there are a few factors that make standard Text-to-Give campaigns either impractical or cost prohibitive for most non-profits. Fortunately, there is an alternative.

Integrated Mobile Giving/Fundraising

Most non-profits already have a 'Donate' page on their website. When a donation is made through a website, the only fee that is typically charged is the credit card processing fee, which is usually 2-3%. Clearstream provides a way to integrate with your payment processor, thus saving time and money when running a Mobile Giving/Fundraising campaign. Here's how it works:

  1. Donor texts in your keyword to our shortcode, 97000.
  2. An auto-response message (that you create and control) is immediately sent back. This message will contain a shortened URL of your website donation page.
  3. When the donor clicks the URL, they are brought to your donation page where they can make their contribution.
  4. The payment is routed through your credit card processor.

Here are the benefits to our mobile giving solution:

Clearstream provides an easy way to implement Mobile Giving and Fundraising campaigns. If you'd like to know more, feel free to give us a call us at 917-818-4557 or email us.