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Posted on March 18th, 2015

Making Sense of Mobile Marketing

I’d argue with almost anyone that the best sport in the history of ever is soccer. I actually grew up playing quite a few sports competitively. As you might guess, one of those sports was soccer. But, another was Track & Field (though I excelled mainly on the Track, doing sprints like I was high-tailing it from the devil himself). After years of cleat marks and hard lefts, I hear the word “vertical” and automatically think of my high school coach, clipboard in hand, pen posed, asking, “What was your vertical?” after trying my high jump technique.

Today we aren’t going to talk much more about sports, but we are going to talk about another type of vertical. A particular vertical in the mobile marketing sector.

The Marketing Landscape

Marketing in general is broken into two main types: print (or physical) and digital. Print would be things like newspapers, magazines, flyers or billboards and the like. Digital marketing includes things like websites, email marketing campaigns, online ads, and mobile marketing. Digital marketing has taken a huge leap ahead of print marketing as CMO's and businesses everywhere have seen the advantages of marketing their business digitally. Mobile marketing, in particular, is growing by the day.

What Do The Statistics Show?

Especially over the last five years or so, Mobile Marketing, as a whole, has taken great strides and there's all kinds of data available to back that statement up.

Mobile marketing arguably provides the channel that will get you closest to your consumer. Mobile phones are personal (everyone has their own) and pervasive (because it is with you all of the time). A Forbes article titled “Why Should Marketers Care About Mobile Marketing” states that in 2011, Americans spent 2.7 hours per day socializing on their mobile phones – more than twice the time they spent eating. And 75% of the globe now has a mobile phone offering access to developed markets as well as emerging regions.” By 2015, that number has most assuredly risen.

If you still need convincing, this Digital Buzz Blog infographic shows some pretty amazing numbers as well. For example, it points out that mobile web adoption is growing 8 times faster than web adoption did the in the 1990s and early 2000s. Mobile has even overtaken TVs and PCs in terms of hours of daily media consumption.

And, as far as Mobile Marketing specifically is concerned WebDam shares some pretty interesting numbers with us for 2014. “40% of people purchase an item after scanning QR codes.” And “SMS coupons are redeemed 8 times more often than emailed coupons.” Eight times! Did you see that? Incredible!

SMS Message Marketing

Now that we know that mobile marketing are here to stay, I’d like to show you how SMS fits under the mobile marketing umbrella. The branches of mobile marketing include mobile messaging (the new player in the industry), mobile advertising (display ads, native app ads, etc) and SMS marketing (this is where Clearstream plays). All branches serve a certain purpose and no vertical is more important than the other. For example, mobile messaging (which is “in app” messaging bypasses the mobile carriers) provides the best way for small group communication where as SMS provides the most direct form of mass communication to a customer over any other vertical.

As you can see, SMS message marketing is just one of the few verticals under Mobile Marketing and it is the type of mobile marketing that Clearstream has built an amazing platform for companies to use effectively. It’s also one of the largest verticals in terms of revenue and ubiquity.

The high jump is a Track & Field event in which competitors much jump over a horizontal bar placed at a specific height. Just like a competing high jumper can approach the bar with the technique of their choosing, you can choose the technique that you think is right to market your business.

Take a look at all of the verticals available and think about where you can reach your clients best. We’ve done our research and checked off our clipboards. We think the best way to reach them is via SMS, but let us know what you think. (And, for the record, I do love a good game of Football too, but I still won’t say it’s better than a real game of soccer.)