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Posted on November 15th, 2017

New Feature: Automated Keyword Workflows

Automated Keyword Workflows

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Keywords are an integral part of any text messaging program. If you're not yet familiar with Keywords, here's a quick example of how they're used...

Let's say I'm the communnications director at my church, and want to give our first-time visitors a way to get connected, without filling out a long form. If we're using Clearstream for our church texting software, I could ask new guests to text a specific Keyword, maybe [ImNew] to 970-00, which is my shortcode. When they do, they'll receive an auto-response message, and will be added to my First-time Guest List in my Clearstream account.

How Automated Keyword Workflows...Work

Automated Workflows build on the basic Keyword functionality. You can now trigger additional follow-up messages based on certain criteria and subscriber behavior. These triggers can be time / date based, whether the subscriber has already joined or not, and a couple other conditions.

In the example below, we're sending two follow-up messages based on when they texted the Keyword. We also have an alternate auto-response setup for subscribers who have already texted the Keyword:

As you can see, Automated Workflows can be quite flexible in how they're used. And, you can create custom workflows for each Keyword in your account. As always, there's no charge to use this feature. It's free for every plan level.

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