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Posted on November 15th, 2017

New Feature: Automated Keyword Workflows

Automated Keyword Workflows

A common challenge most churches face is struggling to get first -time visitors plugged in. A new family drops in one Sunday, never to be seen again. Sure, you may have gotten their info and uploaded it to your church management software. Often, this is as far as it gets. Maybe they were just window shopping, or maybe they were really looking for a church home, and considering your church. So, how can you make it easier for them to come back, while not adding yet another weekly 'to-do' to one of your staff.

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How It Works

Automated Workflows build on this basic Keyword functionality. You can trigger additional follow-up messages based on certain criteria or behavior. These triggers can be time / date based, whether the subscriber has already joined or not, and a few other conditions.

In the example below, we're sending two follow-up messages based on when they texted the Keyword. We also have an alternate auto-response setup for subscribers who have already texted the Keyword:

Collecting Subscriber Data in a Workflow

You can also collect data from the subscriber, which syncs to their profile in Clearstream. When using the "Collect Data" step, a URL will be automatically added to your auto-response message. When a subscriber clicks on the URL, they will be taken to a page where they can fill out their first/last name, and email address.

Automated Workflows can be quite flexible in how they're used, and can be setup with any Keyword in your Clearstream account. As always, there's no charge to use this feature. It's free for every plan level.

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