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January Product Update

  • Written By: Emily Cross
  • Posted: Jan 11th 2022

Happy New Year and welcome to the first product update of the 2022! There was a lot worth celebrating in 2021 and we’re excited for what this new year will bring! To kick the year off we’ve created a custom link shortener, added new options for using Subscriber Data, and also made some big updates to our integration with Rock RMS!

We have a lot planned for this year and with that we’re growing our dev team. If you’re passionate about building great software for the church, consider applying for our senior full-stack developer position. In our completely unbiased opinion, we’re a pretty awesome company to work with. 😉

Product Updates

1. Custom Link Shortener:
You’ve always been able to shorten the links in your messages, but now the shortened links will use our custom domain, rather than a link. This will improve the deliverability of your messages, and also use fewer characters. 🙌🏻

2. Rock RMS Integration:
With our Rock RMS integration, you can now add people to a Rock group, and even launch a Rock workflow! People can text in with your Keyword, fill out your form, automatically be created as a new profile in Rock, added to a Group or Communication List, and have a Rock workflow launched for them. 🔥

If someone already has a corresponding profile in Rock, we won’t create a new one. This will help prevent duplicates from being created in your Rock RMS account.

3. Insert Subscriber Data:
We’ve added Phone Number as an option when inserting subscriber data into your text. We’ve also added a “URL-safe” setting, which lets you safely include subscriber data as part of a URL. This is useful if you want to pass a subscriber’s name or mobile number to a third party form.

Customer Spotlight

Emmanuel Free Will Baptist Church – Wabash, IN

I can’t say enough good things about Clearstream. We had been using a phone call system that was becoming quite cumbersome, so we knew we needed to switch. Clearstream made it so easy to implement and have continued success.” – Dylan P.

Did You Know?

We offer dedicated shortcodes. A dedicated shortcode is a 5-digit number used solely by your church. Dedicated shortcodes are a great option for large churches and churches that do a lot of texting. You can learn more about provisioning a dedicated shortcode here or just shoot us an email. 😊

Thank you for the time you’ve spent reading about what’s new and we hope you’re looking forward to a great year!

God’s Blessings,

Emily, Writer/Customer Success

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