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Posted on September 22nd, 2015

Increased Shortcode Delivery Throughput

This year, we’ve been terribly busy rebuilding the Clearstream platform from the ground up, complete with a new REST API, and other goodies. It looks incredible, it’s fast, and much more scalable. rabbit trail One of the primary values here at Clearstream is to listen to customer’s needs, and then build what they’re asking for (as long as it fits our product roadmap). It’s a great strategy for building a customer-centric company, but is comes at a cost. A big problem we were starting to face was feature creep, which we find ourselves terribly allergic to. Have you ever used a product that though it has a bunch of features, is too cumbersome? That’s feature creep. The initial design didn’t have in mind the features that would be added down the road. What you end up with is bloatware. Ugh. We started seeing the foreshadows of this in our own product. It was a sure sign that we needed to get back to the drawing board if we were going to stay on our product roadmap without ruining our entire SMS marketing platform in the process. We’ve built our new platform on a new framework that is much more suited for where we are going in terms of features and functionality. If you’re a customer, you’ll be seeing it soon. Very soon. end rabbit trail

On top of all that, as we’ve grown, the need to work more directly with wireless carriers became apparent. There’s a number of benefits to having more direct connection to carriers; one being we now have huge message throughput. We’re fairly confident we have the fastest message delivery rates out of the box you’ll find (we’ve done our spywork). Just so we’re all on the same page, message delivery rates, aka shortcode throughput, is the amount of messages delivered to end users per second.

Industry average shortcode message throughput is around 40 messages / second. We deliver 250 mps out of the box. For our customers that require higher, we can reliably provide up to 1k mps.

Doing some simple math, if you have an opt-in list of 1k subscribers, your message will take 4 seconds to be delivered to your list. For many customers, they don’t really care if a message takes 4 seconds (1k messages @ 250 mps) or 25 seconds (1k messages @ 40 mps). However, we do have a lot of customers that depend on fast, reliable message delivery. Hence, it was time to make big investments in this part of the Clearstream platform.

For those of you who do depend on reliable, ultra-fast messaging, we hope you enjoy the throughput upgrade!