Help Your Easter Visitors Get Connected

Help Your Easter Visitors Get Connected

Easter is only a few weeks away and for most of us, this is our biggest weekend of the year. The common challenge many churches face isn't getting visitors on Easter weekend, but rather connecting, following up, and helping them actually get involved after Easter. Connect cards and an inviting Welcome Center are important, but they're not foolproof. You're simply not going to get every new visitor's info.

With Clearstream, you can offer another way to let new visitors take that first step in giving you their info, all through text message. We call this a Keyword Workflow. Here's a simple example:

How Texting Can Help Visitors Connect

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With a Keyword Workflow, your visitors can simply pull out their phones during service and text in to your church. Visitors fill out a small form on their phone (which can sync into Planning Center and Mailchimp) and then over the next few weeks they get a series of automated messages encouraging them to come back the next week, get plugged into a small group, or any other action step you want them to take.

If you're not already using your Clearstream account to help new visitors get plugged in, now is the perfect time to setup a Keyword workflow and have it ready for Easter.

How to create your Keyword Workflow

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