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Posted on May 12th, 2015

Creating a Simple and Effective SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS message marketing is an amazing way to contact your interested consumers. Text messages are about as personal as you can get now-a-days. And, almost everyone you know (unless you live in a cave) has a cell phone. In addition to it’s intimacy-factor and reach, SMS message marketing is extremely affordable and offers an amazing return on investments for businesses when used correctly.

If you are ready to give it a go, it’s really important that you are setup for success! We’ve compiled a list of some things that you should consider while creating your campaign.

  1. Understand Where You Are Going: What are your goals with your campaign? Your goal shouldn’t be to simply create a campaign. It should be bigger than that. Make sure that when you are creating your SMS campaign, you do it while keeping a big picture idea that takes your current business goals into account. Make sure your goals are measurable, achievable and time specific. An example goal: I will get 300 click throughs on my online store by July.

  2. Come Up With a Clear Call to Action: Consumers are not going to sign up for your campaign if they don’t recognize it or they don’t understand what they are supposed to do. SMS campaigns are driven by a short code and keywords. You want to make sure that the keyword and the short code are easy to read and type and that they stand out as a clear call to action.

  3. Be Clear On The Incentive: You want to make sure people know what they are signing up for. Are they entering a contest? Joining a mailing list? What’s the incentive for them to want to sign up? Incentives could be monetary (spend $100 and get $15 back), notifications (let us notify you when one of your favorite items come in), reminders (your shipment is on its way), engagements (tell us how we can help), or privileges (sign up and get early access to VIP sales).

  4. Keep Your Timing in Mind: Messages that have deals or special offers that expire are often more successful than open-ended messages. So make sure you consider this as you are crafting your messages. Also, completely unrelated, but still in the “timing” category… You want to make sure your messages are being sent an opportune times. Experiment with timing and use what you know about your consumers and your products to your advantage.

  5. Measure, Measure, Measure: Just like any marketing campaign, you will want to make sure that you are able to measure the return on your investment, which is your SMS marketing campaign. Make sure that you use a platform that will help you track the number of messages opened and clicked on. Clearstream has a beautiful, streamlined interface where you can view exactly that and even see graphs and charts showing your success.

Creating your first SMS marketing campaign can be a daunting task, for sure. But, if you keep the key points above in mind and work with a trusted company of professionals, you should have no trouble seeing the benefits it brings to your company. Clearstream will work directly with you to help craft your campaign if you would like. Give us a call and let’s get started today!