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Clearstream Android App Now Available in the Google Play Store

  • Written By: Michael Lepinay
  • Posted: Mar 30th 2018

For many of you, this announcement has been long-awaited. Admittedly, too long. But for good reason, as we’ve been busy building direct integrations with apps like Planning Center and Zapier, and a handful of killer features we’ll be rolling out over the next few months.

You can now download the Clearstream Android App in the Google Play store. As with our iOS app, it’s free to download and use if you have a Clearstream account. If you don’t yet have a Clearstream account, but are looking for the best SMS software available (no, really), you can quickly create an account here. Our Android and iOS apps let you manage your organization’s SMS communications on the go.

With our Android app, you can:

  • Manage your SMS Inbox – one of Clearstream’s most powerful features is our Inbox. While you can send mass messages to your Lists (groups of subscribers), the Inbox captures all subscriber message replies (without everyone else in the group receiving the response). It’s essentially a really powerful two-way messaging feature.
  • Send Messages – create and send a message blast to entire subscriber Lists. Track how many people received it, message replies, and opt-outs.
  • View your Dashboard – get a quick view of all your key metrics like total subscribers, recent opt-in performance, opt-out rate, total messages sent, and remaining message credits.
  • Get Push Notifications for all incoming messages.

For access to features like creating Keywords, Integrations, Longcodes (local numbers), and others, you’ll need to login to your Clearstream account from a desktop. The purpose of our iOS and Android app is easy communication with your Subscribers on the go. You can send messages and manage incoming replies with your Inbox, all from your mobile device.

Questions? Just message us from within your account.

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