A Powerful Texting Integration for Church Community Builder

By integrating Church Community Builder and Clearstream you’ll be able to send out mass texts to your Groups, have one-on-one conversations, create text-to-join Keyword Workflows, automate your guest follow-up texts, and that’s just scratching the surface.

What You Can Do With Church Community Builder + Clearstream

  • Send text messages directly to your CCB Groups, just one person, or a mix of both.
  • Capture first-time guest information with Clearstream’s built-in digital connect card. Use this information to automatically create new profiles in CCB and add them to your groups.
  • Interact with members and guests in real-time inside a dedicated inbox, all through texting.
  • Manage separate campuses and/or ministries using secondary Subaccounts within your main account. Each Subaccount has its own credits, Users, Inbox, and Keywords.

Ways to Use Texting in Your Church

  • Two-Way Communication

    Sync your Groups into Clearstream to send out mass texts that turn into one-on-one conversations, then easily continue those conversations from your computer or on-the-go with our native iOS and Android apps.

  • Guest Follow-Up

    97% of people view their texts in the first three minutes. This makes texting the perfect tool to follow-up with first-time guests, invite them back to church the following week, and encourage deeper connections with other members.

  • Text-To-Join Keywords

    Keywords are words tied to your account that people can text into on a Sunday morning (or anytime). When someone texts your Keyword they can be subscribed to a list and receive automated messages. You can also use Keywords for first-time guests to fill out a digital connect card or segment groups of people into specific Lists.

Increase Engagement in Your Church

  • Personalize your texts using custom fields such as [first name] or [full name].
  • Setup a 24/7 dedicated prayer line to receive prayer requests and start two-way conversations inside a dedicated inbox.
  • Streamline event registration by allowing members and guests to text in and sign up for your upcoming event.
  • Use texting to provide members and guests with the opportunity to get their questions answered during live Q&As.

Easily text your Church Community Builder Groups

  • With just a few clicks you can quickly send a text to any Group or Groups. Select the Group(s) you want to text, sync those Groups into Clearstream, create a message, and click send. Really, that’s it!
  • Groups that have been synced into Clearstream will automatically update on a 24-hour basis ensuring they’re always up-to-date.
  • You can send a text to one person, an entire group, or a combination of the two. Want to send the message later? No problem. Select the date and time you want the message to be sent and we’ll take care of the rest.

Manage Multiple
Ministries & Campuses

  • Subaccounts allow you to easily create and manage separate secondary accounts within one Clearstream plan. Switch back-and-forth between accounts without the inconvenience of logging in and out.
  • Distribute a specific amount of Message Credits, Keywords, and User access to each Subaccount.
  • All of this and more on one monthly plan.

Three Simple Steps to Guest Follow-Up

  • Step

    Text-To-Join Guest Follow-Up

    Guests can text in a Keyword on Sunday mornings and receive an automated reply with a digital connect card. This is a great option alongside your paper connect card.

    Try it out: text JOIN to 94000

  • Step

    Collect Guest Information

    Automatically attach your guest’s name and email to the phone number they used to text into your Keyword by using the built-in digital connect card.

  • Step

    Automated Follow-Up Texts

    Nurture guests along the assimilation process by setting up automated follow-up messages. Send guests texts over a few weeks, encouraging them to come back for another visit, join a small group, or dive into your next steps class.

Support Done Right

  • Support isn’t just something we offer, but consider as part of the product we provide. See for yourself – read our customer reviews or check out the Wall of Love.
  • Regardless of your church size, you’ll get access to helpful guides, video tutorials, and regular live webinars to help you succeed with Clearstream.
  • Need help with your account? Get feedback in real-time by reaching out to us in live chat or scheduling a call.

Manage On The Go

Instant communication with your people should be painless. For last-minute event changes, security alerts, Sunday morning announcements, or volunteer scheduling – there’s a native app for that.

Commonly Asked Questions

If someone opts-out of Clearstream, will they be synced back in when the Church Community Builder integration runs again?

No. We automatically scrub opt-outs and they will not be added back into Clearstream unless they opt back in through a Keyword or Signup Form.

Will people be removed from my Group in Church Community Builder if they opt out in Clearstream?

No. They will be removed from the List in Clearstream, but they will stay in the Group in Church Community Builder. This means that your synced List in Clearstream may be smaller than the Group in your Church Community Builder account.

Do I have to wait for Clearstream to automatically sync with my Church Community Builder Groups or can I sync them manually?

No need to wait! Use the "Run Sync Now" button in Clearstream to update your Groups immediately.

If a Person in Church Community Builder has multiple phone numbers listed, which number will sync into Clearstream?

You'll want to sync in mobile numbers, so here’s how we prioritize which phone number field to pull from: (1. Mobile field (2. Work field. Even if the Home or Work field is marked primary, we’ll still pull from the Mobile field first. If someone has multiple mobile numbers listed, we’ll pull the first one listed unless one is marked primary in which case we’ll pull the primary number.

What happens if I change Church Community Builder names in Clearstream?

When Church Community Builder syncs with Clearstream each night it will change all names to how they are listed in Church Community Builder. We treat Church Community Builder as the ultimate source of truth for your data, so if you want to change the name or number of a Church Community Builder contact, you will have to make that change in Church Community Builder rather than in Clearstream.

If John Doe and Jane Doe share the same mobile number in Church Community Builder, will both contacts be synced into Clearstream?

No. Each Clearstream Subscriber must have a unique phone number. If two Church Community Builder contacts have the same phone number listed, we will only sync one of the contacts into Clearstream.

Clearstream had features that we were lacking with a previous texting service, like the ability to send a message automatically every time a keyword was used. The pricing is good, and the customer service is excellent. A rep reached out to me shortly after we signed up for our free trial to see if I had any questions (I did, and he answered all of them). So far, it's been easy to use. I'm very happy with it.

Julie B.

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